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The Story

Zip-Line Book pages 1-2
If you peek at my middle, in the center of my chest
you'll notice something different, it's not like all the rest.
Zip-Line Book pages 3-4
Some will wonder silently while others may just stare,
but what you must want to know, "How did that line get there?"
Zip-Line Book pages 5-6
I wasn't struck by lightning or in a fencing duel
and I didn't get a scratch showing a lion who is cool.
Zip-Line Book pages 7-8
I got my zip-line when I was young and the doctors fixed my heart
the scar that was left there is my personal work of art.
Zip-Line Book pages 9-10
The zip-line is my trophy for being strong and brave
my surgery lasted hours and my recovery took days.

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