The Complete List of Children's Books about Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)

This list is aimed at providing a comprehensive and compassionate selection of kids books focused on the unique experiences of young readers facing congenital heart challenges. There is a diverse range of stories that not only bring awareness to congenital heart defects but also foster understanding, resilience, and hope. Whether your child is on their own journey with CHD, or has a friend or family member navigating this path I hope you can find a book that fits your situation.

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236 reviews - 4.8 stars
The abilities in me: Congenital heart defect

This picture book is dedicated to young children born with a congenital heart defect, also known as CHD. Explore the day in the life of a little girl with CHD through bright, colourful illustrations and text. Perfect for teachers, parents and children alike, this book will bring awareness of the condition and teach children how to be supportive and be kind. This is the second book released from The abilities in me book series. This collection of books will show how each child can celebrate their abilities within their disability, find acceptance and create awareness to those around them. This picture book is aimed for children between the ages of 3-8 years. The character in the book is dedicated to Ivy Adams.

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224 reviews - 4.8 stars

Zip-line is a book for kids that have a scar on their chest from open heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect (CHD). Used by families, schools and hospitals, Zip-line whimsically explains the answer to the question "How did that line get there?".
The story centers around a little girl and her bunny rabbit explaining to the reader how she got the scar on her chest and how she isn't any different than anyone else. It shows her unrestricted in activities and features age appropriate illustrations - no blood, or anything remotely graphic. It aims to set a model for kids with a CHD to be comfortable with themselves, their heart scar, and the surgery that they were too young to remember.
Written and Illustrated by a dad whose daughter had a successful 8 hour surgery at 6 months old.
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160 reviews - 4.8 stars
Extra Special Heart: Highlighting the Beauty and Strength of a Child Born with a CHD, Congenital Heart Defect

Beautiful, inclusive Christian themed story about a little boy with a Congenital Heart Defect. It highlights all of the beauty and strengths the child has, even though he may have a heart with physical imperfections. Teaches children about inclusion, and harvests pride amongst children with CHD, that may feel frustrated or sad about having an "imperfect heart."

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86 reviews - 4.6 stars
Super Scar

Super Scar tells the story of a young boy who has a scar from open-heart surgery for his congenital heart defect. Although he may face difficult situations, his super scar gives him the confidence he needs to remember how brave and special he really is.
Melanie is a proud mom of two little boys, including one who has a Congenital Heart Defect. She is passionate about increasing representation of characters with scars in children's books. She can be reached at

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74 reviews - 4.6 stars
Eamonn the Mighty: Zipper Club Warrior: A hero's tale of defeating CHD

This book is meant to empower children whose cardiac surgeries left them with a "zipper" chest scar. It was created out of love and admiration for all those children in hopes to honor all they've endured. Their scars should be worn as a badge of honor as they are part of an elite group of amazingly strong people! The story was written and illustrated by a mom whose child was born with a CHD. SYNOPSIS: Eamonn and his village are in jeopardy as the ruthless beast known as the Cold Hearted Dragon (CHD) threatens to destroy everything in his path, including their town! Even though he is scared, Eamonn is ready to take on the dragon, but he can't do it alone. With the help of his brave tribesmen and tribeswomen, they undertake this dangerous quest.

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71 reviews - 4.7 stars
Exclamation Point

Exclamation Point is a children's book with a charming story about a child explaining how he received the exclamation point-shaped scar in the middle of his chest when the doctors fixed his heart through surgery for his Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).

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67 reviews - 4.9 stars
Henry Has Heart Surgery

“Henry Has Heart Surgery” follows a young imaginative boy on his journey through a major medical procedure. Starting from the moment his parents explain he is having surgery, all the way through the ensuing hospital stay and ultimately the trip back home, this story allows your child to understand the process he or she may be going through soon. Your child will be introduced to different members of the hospital staff and types of medical equipment in an easy to understand and empowering way. By using his imagination and the power to choose, Henry overcomes fears and anxieties about his operation. With its interactive structure, “Henry Has Heart Surgery” encourages your child to be a part of the story and opens the door to conversation about your own child’s upcoming procedure. A percentage of the profits from each book sold will be donated to a CHD research organization.

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67 reviews - 4.9 stars
My Scar Is Beautiful

My Scar is Beautiful is a book written at a children's level and perfect for anyone with a scar, no matter their age, or how it originated. Filled with positive affirmations and colorful illustrations, readers will feel empowered and encouraged to wear their scar with pride and confidence. My Scar is Beautiful reminds readers of all the reasons to love their scar. My Scar is Beautiful was inspired by the author's daughter who was born with ALCAPA, a rare congenital heart defect (CHD).
Also available in Spanish- Mi cicatriz es hermosa

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57 reviews - 4.8 stars
Little Panda and Her Super Heart

Little Panda is an extraordinary superhero on a quest to discover her incredible powers! Join her in the heartwarming and empowering picture book, "Little Panda and Her Super Heart: a heart transplant story" Designed for children aged 2 to 7 years old, this captivating story is brought to life with enchanting clay illustrations that transport readers into a world of bravery and self-assurance.
While the focus revolves around congenital heart defects, heart surgery, and heart transplants, Little Panda's journey will resonate with children facing various types of surgeries or transplants. Through the book's relatable narrative, young readers will explore themes of courage, resilience, and the power of self-belief.
The visually stunning pages of "Little Panda and Her Super Heart" also serve as educational tools. Real-life medical equipment, including a blood pressure monitor, electrocardiogram (ECG), thermometer, pulse oximeter, and nasogastric tubes, are expertly incorporated into the illustrations. By familiarizing children with these tools, the book aims to alleviate their fears and anxieties, providing a positive and empowering introduction to the medical world.
Will you embark on this delightful adventure with Little Panda as she uncovers her extraordinary superpowers? Prepare to be inspired!

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37 reviews - 5 stars
Zoey's Heart

A picture book of the life of Zoey Jones who was born with a serious heart defect. Created in cooperation with Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee and A Novel Idea Foundation.
Written with Wendy Martin. Illustrated and produced by volunteer artists from Pixar Animation Studio.

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26 reviews - 4.5 stars
Jeremiah the CHD Aware Bear and Friends: A Story for Children Touched by Congenital Heart Disease

In Hug-A-Beary Town, a new bear cub is born. But something seems different in the cub's health that draws the town closer to him and his family. Jeremiah is touched by a congenital heart defect (CHD). Dr. Toad helps to fix Jeremiah's broken heart so the cub can grow and strive to accomplish his goals in life. Heartbeat Hippo, Rare Rabbit and Cardiac Crane provide support and encouragement. Jeremiah's triumphant story is written and illustrated for children to better understand there is hope for CHDs, and they are not alone in the journey to defy odds. The story also brings awareness to parents unfamiliar of the existence of CHDs. Coloring pages follow Jeremiah's story. Silent Cries breaks through CHD awareness by producing books, event programs and films that help CHD communities spread the word and fund research for this disease that touches approximately 1 child in 100. For more information, visit

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26 reviews - 4.7 stars
The Boy Born Blue: A Story of a CHD Superhero

"The Boy Born Blue: A Story of a CHD Superhero" is a story about a boy named Decklan, who was born with a critical congenital heart defect. He underwent open heart surgery at five weeks old. After developing several complications after his operation, Decklan fought hard to get through all the challenges that came his way. As he was fighting battles in the hospital, he transformed into a real-life superhero. Decklan remained brave and full of pure happiness through it all. He is an inspiration to many and teaches his loved ones to have the courage and strength to fight against anything they may face. Although congenital heart defects affect one in a hundred babies and is the top birth defect in the world, many people are unaware of CHD until their child or family member is diagnosed. This book was written to provide hope for all the CHD superheroes there are in the world and to spread awareness to those who are unaware. Either way, everyone can learn something from reading the story of Decklan.

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4 reviews - 4.1 stars
Doctors Help Baby (Warrior Siblings)

"Doctors Help Baby" is the first book in a series designed to assist parents and family walk a child(ren) through a younger sibling's hospital stay for a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Having to watch a new baby go through open heart surgery so young is very difficult for parents to experience. It can be even harder when there are other children. Even though they may be little, they have so many questions and fears. There are no right or wrong ways to feel as your family walks along side your Heart Warrior through open-heart surgery and the healing journey.
This book is designed to help you navigate the hospital experience with toddler-age children so they can better understand what is happening to their newest sibling and process their emotions. As you share this book with your child(ren) about their sibling's specific situation. Encourage them to share how they are feeling about their sibling and all the changes that have occurred within your family.

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3 reviews - 5 stars
Baby Has A BooBoo (Warrior Siblings)

"Baby has a Boo-boo" is the second book in a series designed to assist parents and family walk young child(ren) through a younger sibling's hospital stay for a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Some of the themes in "Doctors Help Baby" are carried over and expanded in this book to help siblings understand and deal with the complexities of a long hospital stay following an open-heart surgery.
The hospital stay following an invasive surgery is a time of uncertainty for everyone, including young children. This book is designed to help you guide children through the healing process of their sibling.